Low Minimum Orders

Concerned about committing to a mountain of inventory of custom printed bags? The cost of obsolete inventory can add up quickly. Vessel Verde features the lowest minimum order requirements in the industry. Changes and updates to your packaging will occur frequently. Order only the quantity you need so you can respond to the market and your customers swiftly.

Fast Order Turnaround

Vessel Verde has the fastest lead time in the custom bag industry.

Free Printed Bag Proofs

See your bag come alive before placing your order. Vessel Verde offers free printed bag proofs so you can checkout your artwork before committing to an order. Bag proofs are also a great tool to use when pitching a new product. Production turnaround for bag proofs is just 3-5 business days..

No Plate Charges or Setup Fees

If you purchased custom printed bags in the past you would be familiar with paying for a plate charge for each color of each version of your bag. Vessel Verde has no plate charges and there is no up charge for ordering multiple artwork files within the same bag size and material. We are a perfect fit if your product line consists of multiple SKU's.